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Arthur "Flash" Johnson

Arthur "Flash" Johnson is married to LaTanya Harley Johnson.

Arthur "Flash" Johnson former 12 time National Boxing Champion, Inaugural Goodwill Games Gold Medalist, 1988 USA Olympic Quarterfinalist a three time Professional World Champion with a combined total of four World Championships throughout his boxing career.

Arthur Johnson has traveled the world extensively throughout his amateur and professional boxing career.

Arthur founded the Arthur Johnson Foundation to give back to the community and to help mentor at risk youth by deterring them away from drugs and crime through the medium of athletics with the boxing program, which teaches discipline, hard work and dedication.

In addition to Arthur's boxing career and foundation; Arthur has done work as an expert analyst broadcaster for several radio stations throughout the community of Saint Louis, MO.

The Arthur Johnson Foundation is currently building a new facility in the city of East St. Louis, Illinois which will house even more programs for youths in the community.

Arthur will continue his coaching with young men and women.

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Arthur "Flash" Johnson Contact Information:

1721 State Street, East St. Louis, IL 62205

Arthur "Flash" Johnson Career Experience:

June 2013-Present

Coach/Mentor-Flash Boxing Gym

East Saint Louis, IL

June 2000-Present

Founder-Arthur Johnson Foundation

O'Fallon. IL

Introduced mentor programs/athletics to at risk youth in the metro and surrounding area that encourages them to stay in school and off drugs.

May 1992-December 2005

Professional Boxer-Angelo Dundee Inc.

3-Time Professional Boxing World Champion

1-Time Amateur World Boxing Champion

1986 Gold Medalist in Goodwill Games

1988 USA Olympian Quarterfinalist

Instruct amateur boxing events once a year

Travel extensively internationally

Hollywood, FL

January 1989-May 1990

Brown College

Radio & Television

Communications, commercial writing

Minneapolis, MN

Arthur "Flash" Johnson Career Education:

August 2006-May 2011

Southwestern Illinois College

Associates Degree in Marketing

August 1985-1987

Southern Illinois University

Belleville, IL

Edwardsville, IL



Child Development Technician