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Prophet Terrence Burton

Prophet Terrence Burton is a visionary committed to doing what God has called him to do to better serve mankind. He has a particular love and sensitivity for people who are struggling to live a Christian life. Terrence Burton consistently strives to empower everyone God sends him to for ministry. He has a deep passion for ministering the Word of God with a focus on identity, prayer, and faith, based on a firm foundation of love.

Grace with responsibility is the essence and heart of his ministry. Terrence Burton believes in the free grace that God has provided for ALL mankind. He also believes that we should not receive the grace of God “in vain” as the Scriptures admonish. He believes that grace is to be used as a tool to deliver one from danger, not as an excuse to continue to live a life that displeases God.

Terrence Burton has spent many years empowering youth and young adults in their walk with Christ. Also, he has served for over 20 years in prison ministry, leading men of all ages to repent and receive the grace of God in their lives.

The purpose of Terrence Burton’s life and ministry is to serve as an apostolic/prophetic voice of restoration in the earth. He seeks to use his voice to bring men and women from pain to peace…from hurt to harvest, health, and happiness!