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Pastor Cassandra Elliott

Affectionately called “Pastor Cassandra”

Pastor Cassandra Elliott is a highly respected and committed woman of God. She has not been able to escape the strong call of God on her life. Even as a young adult, she was compelled to declare the saving message of Christ and dedicated herself to his service. Throughout the years Pastor Cassandra has served on many boards and ministry organizations.

As God saw fit, she was elevated from service to service and leadership. Pastor Cassandra accepted the calling on her life from God and His will for her to preach the word in August of 1999. Armed with enthusiasm and determination to fulfill her God ordained destiny, Pastor Elliott became First Lady and co-founder of Bridging The Gap Ministries Church, Inc. along with her husband of 34 years, Bishop Jerome Elliott. People of all ages, denominations, ethnic backgrounds, and walks of life have been touched by her message of faith and God’s love through her ministry, her service, and her daily journey.

The anointing of God is evident in her teaching, praying, preaching, and 26-year career as a Registered Nurse. Her gift of prophetic intercession and her prophetic voice has blessed many around the world. Pastor Elliott carries with her the gift of hope, inspiration, and God’s love. She faithfully and humbly serves God and her community through the ministries she has established at Bridging The Gap Ministries, which include the BTGM youth tobacco prevention coalition, an abstinence education program, and events that equips children to return to school with adequate supplies, WOW (Women of Worship) a group for women age 17-30 years of age and a powerful evangelistic team.

Pastor Cassandra is a faithful servant, a motivator, encourager, and a dynamic teacher, known for her dynamic preaching and practical teaching styles, her vibrant sermons are sometimes intense, often humorous, but always relevant. She communicates the message of Christ with sincerity and simplicity.

She serves as the Global Ambassador for Women for the Finding My Way Radio Network USA/World and 2nd Assistant to the CEO & Founder, Kayla Padgett.

In 2017, Pastor Cassandra published her debut book entitled “Strategic Victory” which has been receiving great reviews and life-changing testimonies. This book is designed to remind us that even when we find ourselves in a place of hopelessness and despair, we are more than conquerors!

No matter what situation we face, we know that God has already planned our way of escape and we will come out with the victory!

Strategic Victory was featured at the 2018 and 2019 NAACP Authors Pavilion, 2018 Congressional Black Caucus Annual Legislative Conference and earned her a nomination as a finalist for the 2019 T.A.P award for Author of the Year.

Pastor Cassandra is an Entrepreneur and Owner of Elliott & Elliott Ministries, LLC, which she uses to help advance the cause of Christ in both the marketplace and ministry. She is the CEO of Awakening Prophetic Radio Network USA/World, where she is the host of her own international radio show called “Strategies for Victorious Living”.

She is a Certified Life Coach, a Literary Strategy Coach and the co-founder of the Motivated Authors Spotlight Showcase, a platform that creates opportunities for authors of all genres to gain exposure for their books and creative works. She has also used her writing skills to serve as the ghostwriter of multiple books including autobiographies, devotionals and children’s books. Her second book The Power of Connections was released in July of 2019 and has received a 5-star review from Indie Authors.

You can follow Pastor Cassandra on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Clubhouse and Periscope @CoPastorC1 or visit her website at